Audio Equipment from Audio Alliance:

We have a policy of using the latest technology which ensures we provide the latest quality, cost and size benefits to clients.

Every system and design is fully prepared off site in our warehouse to ensure that on site set-up time is minimised, leaving on site staff to deal with the needs of the client rather than the demands of equipment.

We work as an integrated part of the technical design process to enable you to implement all aspects of the production with better efficiency.

We've added wireless to our innovative GreenGo talkback system. The audio quality and features of this system surpass all the alternatives we've seen.

The Alcons RR12 is a point-source array building block to create tight packed arrays for controlled sound coverage in the widest variety of audience areas.Using the amazing Alcons pro-ribbon technology, this loudspeaker provides incredible sound quality in a very compact form.

We've upgraded all our IEM kits to be the latest Sennheiser 2000 series systems, with a wider frequency range, better audio quality, and more power options, these are the new go-to IEM system.

Our monitors have recently been updated to the lovely d&b M4's... performer's ears will be delighting in the foldback these provide.

We've restocked with new Apple MacBook Pro & MacMini's with the latest spec processors and SSD's, all installed with QLab for playback and show control. Together with our Yamaha Dante equipped consoles we can record and playback 64 tracks of audio on a single network cable.

Keeping on the leading edge of microphone technology we've purchased an orchestra of DPA D:Vote 4099 Microphones!

We've updated all our 3000 series radio mics with Sennheiser's new EM3732MK2 series, which has pristine audio quality and a 184MHz RF bandwidth. This all means we have more frequencies to use especially for large events. We also have invested in DPA 4066, 4088 & d:Fine headsets.

We were one of the first customers in the UK to take delivery of the new Yamaha CL5 digital mixing consoles. We now have CL5's, CL3's & CL1's available in hire stock, with 240 channels of Rio3224 & Rio1608 stage boxes. With a great new feature set and sound quality but familiar operating system, these desks are making many friends. We've also invested substantially in new CAT6 cabling systems, racks, and industrial ethernet hubs to support these desks and enable large systems to be easily constructed and controlled.

We've added the lovely Meyer UPJunior self powered speakers to our Meyer loudspeaker stock, great for small rooms, fills and delays, bringing our Meyer stock to over eighty boxes, including UPJ-1P, UPM-1P, USW-1P, UMS-1P, MSL2, & MM4's.